Preparing your pet for the photoshoot

rhodesian ridgeback

Preparing your pet for the photoshoot

What to bring along:

Here are the essential things to have handy for your pets photoshoot:

  • Your pets favourite treats
  • Your pets favourite toy
  • Nice clean fitted collar or harness
  • Lead

Generally I will bring extras treats so if you forget them don’t worry.

Preparing for your pets photoshoot  

Here are some tips to make sure your dog is prepared for their pet photoshoot.

  • The main obvious one is to have your pet looking its best, so pay a visit to your groomer a week or so beforehand and keep up with regular brushing. If your dog has long fur I recommend having the fur trimmed around the eyes before the session.
  • A hungry pet is a obedient one, I recommend giving your dog less food than usual before the photoshoot to make them more responsive to commands with treats.This could involve giving them half a bowl of food for breakfast or just less throughout the day.  If your dog responds to treat motivation regardless of how much they have eaten you can feed them normally on the day of the session.
  • If you could work a bit more than usual on your dog’s training the week before the session this will certainly help with creating the fantastic well behaved photos you’re looking for, but if your dog isn’t that well trained and wont sit and stay, we will go for fantastic action shots. Even if you’re not comfortable letting your puppy or dog off its lead we can use a retractable lead which i will later edit out of the photo.
  • For those dogs who have high energy levels, I suggest taking your dog for a walk earlier in the day before the photoshoot. This allows them to get a small bit of energy out which will make them a littler easier to work with at the session.

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